You know that whole “build a better mousetrap” thing?

Well, apply it to gas cans and this is what you’ll get.

The name of the company is literally “No-Spill” and it has a lineup of utility jugs that’ll make messy puddles and damaged paint a thing of the past.

filling up lawn mower with no spill gas can

As you’d figure, the magic behind No-Spill gas cans is the specialized nozzle.

It seals tight around the can, so you can lift the jug over your fancy paint job or custom interior without stress. (As an added bonus, the five gallon cans have an extra handle on the back of the jug for extra grip.) Then you simply place the nozzle into your gas tank’s fill port, depress the large button atop the fill spout, and gas will flow smoothly into your bike, boat, ATV, leaf blower, lawn mower, or whatever.

And though No-Spill says the nozzle has the fastest flow rate on the market, we like this next part even better:

The fuel will stop flowing automatically once it fills up the tank high enough to touch the tip of the No-Spill nozzle. Yup, you read that right, once the gas reaches the nozzle, it stops—which is really, really handy if you’ve got a dark tank and can’t monitor the fuel level inside as you’re filling.

You can get both No-Spill Gasoline Cans and No-Spill Diesel Fuel Cans, and No-Spill offers a handy nozzle extender too.

So whether you’re heading to a marina, track day, trailhead, or jobsite, these No-Spill cans can save you a ton of hassle, heartache, and money.

Get a better look at how No-Spill utility jugs work in this quick video:

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