Released as a 2024 model, the seventh generation S650 Ford Mustang is a potent performer, right out of the box. But the folks at BMR Suspension know that there’s always room for improvement, particularly in the handling department.

And to demonstrate that, the BMR folks brought a 2024 Ford Mustang to the PRI Show and flipped it on its side to showcase all the new chassis and suspension upgrade parts they offer for the S650 platform.

2024 mustang flipped on its side to display chassis upgrade parts
A Mustang on its side? Don’t let Sean Connery see this. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

We spoke with Kyle Briese, New Product Manager with BMR all about these chassis and suspension upgrades for the S650 Mustang, and he gave us some good insight. Specifically, how much is shared between the outgoing S550 platform and this new S650 Mustang chassis.

“I’d say between 80 and 85 percent. It depends on the model of the new Mustang, because there are some differences with the Performance Pack cars and the Dark Horse cars,” Kyle says. “But there are a lot of [similarities] between the two platforms.”

2024 mustang rear suspension upgrades
Here’s a look at a corner of the 2024 Mustang IRS with some BMR chassis and suspension upgrades. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

Though it features a smorgasbord of parts from the BMR portfolio, Kyle mentions that their sideways display Mustang is set up to be a spirited daily driver, not an all-out track car. More importantly, all of these upgrades are something an enthusiast can install in a driveway with basic hand tools .

Better still, Kyle tells us that you don’t have to do any serious, permanent modifications to your S650 Mustang to add these upgraded suspension and chassis parts. “Other than some bushings and bearings, everything is a direct bolt-in, using existing bolt holes,” he states.

And when he describes the 2024 Mustang upgrade process, Kyle says you don’t have to go all-in at once either. “Most people do it in stages. It depends on what your goals are with the car—you can definitely do it in stages.”

close up of a 2024 mustang front chassis upgrades

BMR Suspension 2024 Ford Mustang Suspension Upgrade List

Want to start upgrading the suspension on your new 2024+ Ford Mustang S650?

The BMR team was nice enough to give us a placard with all the specific suspension upgrade parts they tossed on this particular 2024 Mustang. We’ll give you the entire rundown below. (The “R” in the final place on the part numbers below indicates a red finish as seen in the photos—but in many situations you can substitute a hammertone black finish by swapping the R for an H.)

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