Imagine crawling into the welcoming confines of a warm, toasty vehicle as you begin your commmute to work on a cold winter’s morn. Or think about how nice it would be to hop into a cab that’s nice and cool, even after baking in a scorched parking lot all afternoon.

In short, there are plenty of good reasons for getting a remote starter for your truck or SUV. And Kleinn has given you an even good-er one with its lineup of Kleinn Remote Start Systems for a range of popular vehicles.

That’s because these kits are super easy to install; most of the kits are completely plug-and-play, with no need to cut or splice your wiring harness. And better still, for some applications, you can even program your OEM key fob to work with these systems—eliminating the need for an extra remote fob in your pocket.

kleinn remote starter kit
(Image/Summit Racing)

All the programming is straightforward and Kleinn makes comprehensive instruction manuals that detail every single step of the process. (You can see an example of the install process/manual here.)

These remote starter systems are application-specific but Kleinn offers a ton of kits for a wide range of vehicles, including these popular late model trucks and SUVs: