Whether you’re heading to an outdoor sporting event, going camping, or just need to free up some fridge space at a holiday party, a Summit Racing Hard Cooler is a smart way to do it.

That’s because, thanks to durable insulation and an airtight lid gasket, these ice chests stay cold for days—without electricity.

So you can toss in food, drinks, medicine, ice packs, and anything else you want to keep cold and have some peace-of-mind that it won’t melt or spoil for a good, long time.

(Image/Summit Racing)

More importantly, these Summit Racing hard ice chests are dang-near bulletproof, with a rigid outer shell, durable T-handle latches, and big sturdy handles on the side—so you can lug these hard coolers pretty much anywhere.

Better still, the large 75 quart models have wheels that can easily roll across grass, gravel, and uneven terrain to deliver ice cold, frosty goodness to your jobsite, pit area, or campground.

(Image/Summit Racing)

These portable hard coolers come in handy in a wide range of situations, from RVs to boats, barbeques to holiday parties, race trailers to tailgates—anywhere you need to keep things cold for a long time and don’t have access to a power source. Just fill them up with some ice and you’ve got days of chilling ahead of you.

And these hard-sided ice chests are also perfectly suited for hunting and fishing enthusiasts as well, where keeping your catches fresh is really, really important.

Summit Racing Hard Coolers come in either beige or white, and you can get them in a handful of sizes too. Click below to see the exact dimensions of each one:

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