A good set of jack stands is an absolute must-have for any serious wrenching jobs. Problem is, they have a tendency to camp out on the garage floor between projects—which often puts them in prime toe-stubbing spots.

Thankfully, the folks at Summit Racing have a great solution: Jack Stand Organizer Racks.

Perfect for your garage, shop, or trailer, these handy racks get your unused jack stands up off the floor, so they won’t get tangled in your extension cords, become wedged under your toolboxes, or hurt your piggies.

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Better still, these racks mean you won’t have to go searching all over your shop to find your jack stands when you need them, either.

Summit Racing Jack Stand Rack for 4 jack stands
The rack mounts to a single stud or panel, and you can get them in either two or four jack stand configurations. (Image/Summit Racing)

These jack stand racks mount securely to your wall and they’re made from powdercoated steel to ensure even the heaviest jack stands stay put.

Summit Racing makes a pair of jack stand organizers:

And if you’re in the market for new jack stands too, Summit Racing has you covered here: Jack Stands at SummitRacing.com

Summit Racing Jack Stand Rack on wall
“I didn’t know I needed these…” – From Brian in a SummitRacing.com product review. (Image/Summit Racing)