Admittedly, many gearheads don’t often give a lot of thought to the screwdrivers resting in our toolbox.

But the engineers at Wera Tool sure do.

Though it’s headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany, Wera is also well-known Stateside by professional mechanics, shop techs, and home hobbyists who demand a lot out of their tools.

And it all starts with Wera’s lineup of traditional, ratcheting, and torque screwdrivers which are, dare we say it, almost too beautiful to use. Beyond those good looks though, rests a thoughtfully designed tool with a laser sharp focus on precision, durability, and comfort.

wera torque screwdriver with tool bit roll
Check out the cutaway view of this Wera Tool Kraftform Kompakt Turbo Imperial Screwdriver. Inside is a precision gear drive that allows you to turn a fastener quickly without lifting, so you can maintain torque on the fastener head (Image/Wera Tool)

Wera screwdrivers come in plenty of flavors too, from traditional Phillips and Flatheads (in all sizes), to Torx, Pozi, Hex, Square, and other specialty drive bit designs. There are even Wera insulated screwdrivers with a protected shaft, perfect for working around sensitive or high voltage electronic systems.

For more details on some of the different types of screwdrivers, read this: Is the Screwdriver the Most Mistreated Tool in the Toolbox?

Torque Screwdrivers

Yes, you can over-torque a small machine screw just as easily as you could a large cylinder head bolt. And the result can be equally disastrous.

For that reason, Wera makes torque screwdrivers that operate in a similar way to a traditional torque wrench. Typically found in inch-pound torque ratings, a good torque screwdriver is absolutely essential when working around precision electrical components, delicate materials, or brittle, vintage parts. (Oh, and Wera makes an extensive lineup of top-notch torque wrenches as well.)

wera tools torque screwdriver
With a Wera torque screwdriver, you’re able to quickly adjust the amount of torque you’re applying to a fastener head. (Image/Wera Tool)

Wera makes its torque screwdrivers easy to use, and many boast features like quick-release chucks and knurled knobs for effortless adjustability, even if you’re wearing gloves. Wera offers a ton of torque screwdriver options too, so there’s a good chance you’ll find one (or a complete set) that’s perfectly suited for the job at hand.

Wera Makes Plenty of Other Tools As Well

Wera ratchet set with sockets
Wera ratchets and sockets boast the same premium-level construction and design of its screwdrivers. (Image/Wera Tool)

While Wera has a well-deserved reputation for the quality of its screwdrivers, the company also makes a broad range of other finely crafted tools.

For example, its extensive mix of drive bits and sockets are a great complement to its ratchets and screwdrivers, while Wera traditional and ratcheting wrenches offer the sort of craftsmanship and precision that Wera’s famous for.

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