No offense to any humble four- or six-banger, but if you’re plopping a new engine onto the frame rails of a vintage hot rod or classic truck, you’re probably going to grab something with a few extra cylinders.

And whether that motor of choice is a trusty Ford Flathead V8, Windsor, small/big block Chevy, modern GM LS, or beyond, you’ve got plenty of ways to give your vintage ride a lot more oomph.

Problem is, those engines typically demand a more robust cooling system than the original setup, which used to mean a lot of cumbersome fabrication mixed with some trial and error.

We say “used to” there because Johnson’s Radiator Works has made it really, really easy to assemble a cooling system to handle a rowdy V8.

Meet Johnson’s Engine Swap Radiators.

A pair of Johnson's Radiator works Radiators on a table
(Image/Johnson’s Radiator Works via Facebook)

For starters, Johnson’s makes these radiators for very specific applications:

Swapping an SBC into a 1932 Ford? Yup, Johnson’s got a radiator for you.

How about an LS into a Model A? Try this on for size.

Since these are application specific, Johnson’s Radiator Works has gone to great lengths to ensure the radiator’s dimensions will fit perfectly and the mounting holes will line up just right. Perhaps more importantly, the radiator inlet/outlet ports are exactly where they need to be to make your engine swap a breeze—the cooling part, anyway.

(Image/Johnson’s Radiator Works)

On the inside, these engine swap radiators feature a four row, 2.75 inch thick high flow copper core, which is a roundabout way of saying these radiators boast the best cooling efficiency possible.

And if you look closely enough, you’ll notice these radiators are made using the original tooling from Walker Radiator Works. That’s because Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop bought Walker a while back and is now maintaining Walker’s reputation for quality radiator design and construction.

Even better, Johnson’s makes these radiators with a nifty vintage aesthetic. That way, your new modern radiator will look right at home under the cowl of a prewar coupe.

Johnson’s makes these engine swap radiators for dozens of applications, from the classic Ford Model A to the venerable Chevy C10 Squarebody truck. See all of the radiators from Johnson’s Radiator Works here.