Be it a jobsite, campground, race track, fishing pond, or beyond, wherever you’re going won’t be much fun without adequate supplies.

And if you’re into off-roading or overlanding in particular, those supplies certainly include the right amounts of fuel and water.

That’s where RotopaX comes in.

rotopax gas can jug on the back of a truck

RotopaX has a broad range of durable, rugged Utility Jugs in a wide range of sizes and options. There are jugs for gasoline, diesel fuel, and perhaps most importantly, potable water.

But the neatest part of RotopaX gas cans and water jugs is the clever mounting solutions. RotopaX has designed these jugs to attach securely to the inside or outside of your vehicle using a unique locking system. (There are also roll bar mounting options too.) You spin the stout locking handle on, then when it’s time to fill up, a few turns is all it takes to remove the jug and get pouring.

RotopaX makes color-coded utility jugs for gasoline, diesel fuel, and water. (Image/Summit Racing)

And thanks to the RotopaX construction methods, these jugs and fuel cans are super strong yet very lightweight for excellent portability.

Best of all, RotopaX utility jugs are currently the only rotationally molded containers that are CARB E.O. compliant and meet all current EPA and ASTM standards.

Oh, and each RotopaX jug is made in the good ‘ole U.S.A.

rotopax utility jug mounted to the side of a jeep