Everybody likes the roar of nicely tuned performance exhaust system.

…Except those that don’t.

And if we’re being honest, there are times when a healthy, full throated exhaust rumble isn’t always a good thing—like, say, 3 a.m.

For those reasons and more, you (and your neighbors) may appreciate a valved exhaust system from Valvetronic Designs.

(Image/Valvetronic Designs)

If you’re familiar with exhaust cutouts from the old hotrodding era, then this concept won’t be new to you (though these are way, way more advanced than a simple exhaust dump).

Using vacuum-controlled valves, a setup like this from Valvetronic Designs allows you to change the tone and volume of your exhaust system, on the fly.

(Image/Valvetronic Designs)

And the use of vacuum is important here too:

According to Valvetronic Designs, vacuum control is a smarter choice than an electric motor for this job, as it’s more durable and won’t suffer the constant vibration and heatsoak that a muffler-mounted electric motor would. The Valvetronic Design controller is mounted away those environmental stresses and still allows you to operate the valves remotely with a small key fob.

Here’s an example of what you get with a Universal Valvetronic Muffler Kit. Notice the vacuum canister at the rear of the muffler for the valve inside. (Image/Valvetronic Designs)

If being able to control your exhaust tone like this sounds good to you (Pun!), Valvetronic Designs gives you two main options:

  • Universal Valved Muffler Kits that include the muffler, control box, vacuum lines, and hardware. You simply clamp or weld them on in place of your current muffler(s).
  • Complete Valved Exhaust Systems tailored to a vehicle’s exact year/make/model. These application-specific kits are cat-back systems and include all necessary tubing, clamps, control box, lines, and hardware.

Either way, Valvetronic Designs makes these systems with durability in mind, using TIG welds, stainless steel, and other rugged parts. According to Valvetronic Designs, any competent exhaust shop should have zero trouble installing these systems.

(Image/Valvetronic Designs)

Want to hear these systems in action? Valvetronic Designs has a robust YouTube Channel that’s filled with install videos and sound clips. Check out this montage below and you’ll see (and hear) what we mean: