Ever watch a rally race? Gentle, they are not.

Rally cars need a battery box that can survive shock, vibration, G-forces, moisture, grit, heat, cold, and pretty much every other nightmarish thing that typically spells doom for an automotive battery.

And that’s just the kind of environment MeLe Design battery boxes are made for.

A MeLe Design battery box is a great solution for a race car with a remote-mounted battery too, as it will keep the battery stable and secure, while protecting it from the hazards of a race environment. (Image/Mele Design)

MeLe Design Firm got its start making battery boxes for Subaru rally cars in the Pacific Northwest and, thanks to their near-bulletproof reliability, has expanded to make battery boxes and mounts for a host of other applications.

Not only will a MeLe battery box keep your battery mounted securely to your vehicle, it wraps the battery in protective armor to keep it shielded against rubbing, puncture, and other potential hazards that you’d come across on a rally stage, off-road trail, or race course.

Remember: lithium batteries can be mounted in any position, and MeLe Design has battery boxes that can help you install one practically anywhere. (Image/MeLe Design)

And though MeLe Design certainly has the race and rally folks covered, its battery mounting solutions are also ideal for off-road and overlanding crowd too—particularly vehicles with auxiliary power systems and secondary battery setups.

These battery boxes and mounts are made from super durable materials to a precise, application-specific fit. (Image/MeLe Design)

Depending on what you need, MeLe Design makes its battery boxes for specific vehicle models and common battery sizes/types, yet it has universal options for custom mounting too. Either way, you’re getting a stout, durable battery box that’s been designed and built in-house by MeLe Designs, and tested in some of the harshest race and off-road environments on the planet.