Gate King’s Tailgate Adjusters are a forehead-slapping “A-Ha!” moment for truck owners.

These ingeniously simple hinges replace your truck’s stock tailgate suspension cables with a mechanical bracket assembly that lets you lock your truck’s tailgate in several different positions, so you can essentially extend your truck’s useable bed length to haul more stuff.

From dirt bikes and kayaks, to lumber and contrabass saxophones, those extra precious inches of length can come in really, really handy.

(Image/Gate King)

These Gate King Tailgate Adjusters have eight different positions, and a smart latching pin keeps the adjuster locked in place during transport. The hinge bars are made from chromoly steel and are plenty tough enough to handle pretty much whatever you toss in the back.

When not in use, the hinges slide smoothly so your tailgate works like it normally would—and these tailgate adjusters won’t impact the use of tonneau covers, racks, or toolboxes.

Gate King Tailgate Adjusters install with no drilling or cutting required. They’re application-specific and offer a precise fit. Gate King makes a wide range of Tailgate Adjusters for a wide range of import and domestic trucks, including these popular models:

(Image/Gate King)
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