Any diesel truck owner will tell you about the importance of using top-quality engine fasteners. From high compression stress to unforgiving duty cycles, a diesel engine demands tough and reliable connecting rod bolts, head studs, and beyond.

That’s where Gator Fasteners comes in.

Sensing a need in the market for quality diesel engine hardware, Gator Fasteners stepped up big time with a range of bolts and studs for Ford, Dodge/Ram, and Chevy/GMC diesel trucks—including Cummins, Power Stroke, and Duramax diesel engines.

(Image/Gator Fasteners)

These fasteners are made from 8740 steel with an added proprietary element that boasts a high tensile strength that’s practically tailor-made for hard-working diesel engines. The threads are rolled rather than cut to further mitigate the risk of stripping or failure.

Gator tests its fasteners in a range of high-stress environments too, from workhorse tow rigs to rip-snortin’ race trucks.

All told, if you’re bolting together a diesel engine, Gator Fasteners are a great way to do it. Here’s a taste of what Gator Fasteners currently offers: