Unless you’ve been living under a rock for, say, the past twenty years, the “Patina” look is really, really popular nowadays.

While we could easily dedicate an entire article to its nuanced definition, simply put, patina is the sheen, coating, or otherwise surface transformation to a weather-worn exterior finish—affecting everything from classic trucks to the Statue of Liberty.

And yeah, to recap, it’s *the* look right now.

(Image/Sweet Patina)

Problem is, by its very nature, patina is essentially an attack on the underlying surface. So what’s a nifty looking piece of vintage sheetmetal now, could be riddled with pinholes later.

That’s where Sweet Patina comes in.

Its Sauce Patina Preserver brings out the luster in your ride’s current finish, while creating a water resistant shield and protecting against further deterioration.

And its easy to apply to boot, just wipe on, wipe off. The finish will be glossy at first, before settling into a nice, non-sticky matte look.

Sweet Patina Sauce Patina Preserver comes in a one quart bottle which, Sweet Patina says, is enough for a typical Chevy C-10 truck. The preserver will last for months between applications.

(Image/Sweet Patina)
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