For dang-near 75 years now, Chevy’s venerable two-speed Powerglide transmission has helped propel everything from stock grocery getters to high-performance drag and circle track cars.

But it’s those latter applications that bring us to this nifty video from FTI Performance.

That’s because you’ll probably need to do some key modifications to your Powerglide’s pump before you go slamming it down a quarter mile or tossing it around the dirt.

(Image/The FTI Performance YouTube Channel)

While FTI offers a Performance Powerglide Pump that’s a drop-in solution for race cars, the company isn’t shy about showing you grassroots folks how to modify your existing factory Powerglide pump to withstand the rigors of a racing environment. (As an added bonus, you’ll get a closer look at the methods FTI Performance uses when building its own pumps.)

At over 20 minutes long, FTI doesn’t skimp on the details here either. You’ll get a good idea why these Powerglide transmission upgrades are so vital and, perhaps more importantly, what to look for when modifying your pump to ensure it’ll perform reliably when it’s time to mash the throttle.

Check out the entire FTI Powerglide upgrade walkthrough below: