Ever been bonked on the head by a hood or trunk lid because a tired, weak lift strut gave out? Then we don’t have to tell you how important having a quality lift support is, particularly in an old car or truck.

But we can tell you how Redline Tuning is pretty much the industry standard in hood, trunk, and hatch lift supports—and many OEMs agree.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of a quality hood or hatch strut—but a bruised noggin’ might remind you that a Redline lift support is a smart upgrade. (Image/Redline Tuning)

Redline Tuning lift supports are reliable, easy to use, and dang-near bulletproof replacements for an old, failing original lift support on your trunk, hood, or hatchback.

Better still, Redline Tuning lift supports can be a handy retrofit to clean up your engine bay, by eliminating that obtrusive prop rod and making it easy to pop your hood and keep it up—whether you’re at a show or the track.

(Without a clunky manual prop rod in the way, Redline Tuning lift supports give you better access to the engine in between races too!)

The lift supports come with robust mounting brackets that use a ball-stud design, which works great for any hood type: from a stock steel or aluminum hood, to aftermarket fiberglass and carbon fiber options.

In addition to stock replacement situations, Redline Tuning lift supports are a cool retrofit option too, like you see here on an old Chevy/GMC Squarebody C/K-series truck. (Image/Redline Tuning)

Redline Tuning lift supports don’t add any resistance when you close your hood, and they’re completely hidden when the hood is down. When it’s time to pop things open, Redline lift supports feature progressive, slow release gas springs to make raising a heavy hood or hatchback practically effortless.

The springs will actually slow the hood down as it reaches the top of its travel too, which prevents the hood from shaking or clunking when it reaches maximum lift height.

We’re pretty sure Fox Body Mustang GT rear hatches are filled with a combination of lead bars and Uru. But a Redline Tuning lift support can easily raise one up—and keep it there. (Image/Redline Tuning)

The best news? Redline Tuning makes lift supports for a massive range of vehicles, from ordinary daily drivers and late model muscle, to trucks and classics. And they come in a handful of flavors:

Whichever Redline Tuning lift supports you pick, they’ll come with a thorough color installation manual that makes bolting them up a breeze.