Whether you’re yee-hawing through the woods or hopping rocks in the desert, you’ll eventually need to change your dirt bike tires.

And while the easy answer is just to pop-off the whole wheel and take it to your local bike shop, learning how to change tires yourself can save you some money—and be an invaluable skill if you need to swap tires in the field or at a campsite.

(Image/The Motion Pro YouTube Channel)

And the reality is, changing dirt bike tires yourself isn’t that difficult, provided you’ve got a few basic tools and a little know-how. That’s why we liked this video from the off-road motorcycle tire experts at Dunlop and Motion Pro.

It shows you the tire changing process in detail. More importantly, it’ll show you how to use requisite tire changing tools like tire spoons, rim protectors, and a bead holder.

Watch the video below and you’ll get an idea of how the tire changing process goes—and you may discover that doing it yourself is not that big of a deal either.

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