We don’t need to stress the importance of proper filtering in your fuel system—it’s pretty much engine building 101. But what’s often overlooked are some finer nuances of fuel filter design, particularly its filtration capability, mounting requirements, and fittings.

Well…Summit Racing takes care of all three of those concerns with a handy 100 micron fuel filter combo that includes both the mounting bracket and an assortment of AN fittings to ensure you can plumb it up right.

(Image/Summit Racing)

The other facet is filtration—and this one is rated at 100 microns.

Why is that important? Well, a carbureted fuel system might be able to get away with something like a 40 micron filter, but if you’re going EFI (specifically with an external in-line fuel pump), then you’re going to want the improved filtering capability that a 100 micron filter delivers. (Scroll to the bottom of this article and we’ll include a helpful micron-to-inch comparison chart.)

Summit Racing’s tech folks put together a great article that discusses fuel filters in much more detail, check it out here: How Do I Choose the Right Fuel Filter?

And as mentioned above, it comes with a handful of different AN fittings, -6 AN, -8 AN, and -10 AN, so you can plumb it into whatever size AN fuel line you’re running. And the adjustable bracket can be loosened to easily remove/replace the filter when necessary.

Summit Racing makes plenty more in-line billet fuel filters too, click here to see them all.

Inch-To-Micron Comparison Chart