While there’s no denying the timeless style of a classic car, there’s also no denying the potential shortcomings of its OE factory headlights.

While there are a couple of things you can do to improve your stock headlight’s output (like a relay mod), if you’re going to be doing a significant amount of nighttime driving, or if you want a custom look anyway, than a headlight conversion is perhaps the best path.

(Image/Redline Lumtronix)

And if that’s the route you’re going, you might want to check out the folks over at Redline Lumtronix and their Halo Conversion Headlights.

Redline Lumtronix makes its headlights in a few distinct styles:

  • First off, its Elite Diamond Halo Conversion Headlights are a direct bolt-in replacement for your stock headlights.
  • Then, the White Diamond Halo Conversion Headlights feature a standard H4 bulb that, Redline says, can result in headlights up to 50 percent brighter than stock. Each headlight comes with a special ceramic-tipped wiring harness designed to protect your vehicle’s stock wiring from hotter H4 bulbs (like Xenon) too.
  • Finally, for those who want a projector retrofit, check out White Diamond Projector Halo Conversion Headlights. Again, Redline says that these are about 50 percent brighter than your stock headlights, and will fit in virtually any seven inch headlight bucket.
Depending on the kit, you can configure your Halos to serve as DRLs or turn signals, which can be really handy if you’re going for a minimalist look on your hot rod. (Image/Redline Lumtronix)

In addition to a custom vibe, halo headlights can have plenty of practical upside, including better visibility for nighttime driving and supplemental daytime running lights to ensure other motorists can see you better too.

Redline Lumtronix halo headlight conversions come in a handful of colors, including blue, green, and white, and feature a Euro-style diamond-cut reflective back.

In addition to round, these headlights can be had in rectangular shapes as well—perfect for a 1980s-era Pro Touring GM G-body of Ford Mustang. Heck, Redline even makes a set for rat rods, complete with faux bullet holes in the lenses.

(Image/Redline Lumtronix)