A turbocharger’s impeller can spin really, really, really fast—all while being subjected to extreme heat cycles thanks to the turbo’s proximity to exhaust gasses.

So suffice it to say, when a turbocharger component develops an issue, it can quickly turn into a big problem.

(Image/Cardone Industries’ YouTube Channel)

So the fine forced induction folks over at Cardone Industries made this handy video that’ll show you some common clues to look for when inspecting a turbocharger. These tips can go a long way towards preventing premature turbo failure.

This video also explains a few common reasons why a turbocharger will fail, helping you address potential problems before they start. It even delves in to some more advanced spec testing processes that’ll really give you a good idea of your turbo’s health.

And it’s less than three minutes long, so give it a watch below:

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