Make any work space way more versatile with a Garage Grip Professional Grade Non-Slip Floor Covering.

Originally developed to contain oil spills, Garage Grip is a dang-near bulletproof covering that can protect your floors from chemicals and abrasion.

(Image/Garage Grip)

Even better, it makes the surface more comfortable to walk and stand on—which can really help fight fatigue on long projects. And its non-slip surface offers some peace of mind when you’re trudging across oil leaks or snow slush.

Garage Grip is a also a good choice for basement playrooms and offices too. (Image/Garage Grip)

Garage Grip is waterproof, UV-resistant, and acts as a sound-deadening material, so it’s practically tailor-made for workshops, sheds, and garages. But you can also lay it down over the concrete floor in your basement to make the space a bit more livable—and it’s a smart choice for fitness and workout rooms too.

Installation is a breeze. Garage Grip comes in a roll that you cut to fit. Then, you can either let it free float on the floor, or you can secure it down with adhesive tape. Here are your size and color options:

You can learn more about the Garage Grip benefits and install process in this short video:

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