Don’t be fooled by the name: The Astro Pneumatic Ball Joint Kit will tackle so much more than just ball joints. In addition, it can handle U-joints, bushings—or just about anything that will fit inside the C-press design.

The master kit includes the ball joint service tool and master adapter set with all the accessories needed to remove/install upper and lower press-fit ball joints on most vehicles through 1997. The new forged alloy C-frame press has industry-leading strength—and can alone be used to remove and replace universal joints. This set comes complete in a small footprint blow-molded case for easy toolbox storage. So how does it work?

Our partners at Summit Racing put together this quick demonstration and product profile video.

And if you want to hear about more household uses for this handy tool, check this out: The Ball Joint Press: An Unsung Hero Tool for Fixing a Lot More Than Just Ball Joints

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