(Image/The ITP Tires and Wheel YouTube Channel)

While radial tires are pretty much the norm for a modern street-driven car, when you venture off road into the powersports arena, the decision to run either a bias ply or radial tire gets a bit more murky.

As you might have guessed, there are pros and cons of both radial and bias ply powersports tires, and the best tire choice will likely depend most on the type of machine you’ve got, your driving habits, and the environment you’re driving in.

To help you understand those nuances a bit better, the tire team over at ITP developed this helpful video that’ll explain some differences between radial and bias ply tires—specifically in a powersports application.

It’s only four minutes long and is packed with a good mix of technical discussion and real world use cases that’ll probably come in really handy when you’re shopping for tires for your ATV or side by side.

Give it a watch below:

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