For the past few months, we’ve been showcasing builds from the “Fully Torqued” show on The History Channel, including a 1971 Chevy C10 and a 1966 Ford Mustang. These classic rides are brought back to life by shop owner Steve Pazmany and his mentor Uncle ″Bird” Betts, an old-school rodder with deep roots in California drag racing.

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We include a parts list with each story that you can use as a guide if you want to build something similar.

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Take this Monte Carlo SS from Episode 8. Steve’s buddy John wanted a nice, clean GM G-body. Steve found one on the side of the road covered with a couple of tarps and cardboard around the wheels. The owner came out, money changed hands, and Steve had himself a Monte with 13,000 miles on the clock—a true poster child for survivor cars.

A thorough examination revealed an incredibly clean, unmolested car, right down to the GM-stamped radiator hoses. All it really needed were some maintenance items—a new radiator, water pump, and other cooling system parts; new brakes and shocks; filters; and fluids. Bird didn’t like the bit of rust on the Monte Carlo’s headlight filler panels and air intake box cover so those were replaced with new stainless steel parts. Fully Torqued added some class with a set of new tires on 17 inch American Racing VN507 wheels. Our parts combo includes Michelin Sport Pilot 4 tires and U.S. Mags Rambler wheels that are a very close match to the American Racing rims.

This Monte Carlo SS is a great example of finding a nice car that needs just a bit of TLC to get back on the road.

They’re out there, so start hunting.


“Fully Torqued” 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS Parts List

Cooling System

Chassis & Brakes


Author: Alan Rebescher

Editor, author, PR man—Alan Rebescher has done it all in a 25 year career in the high performance industry. He has written and photographed many feature stories and tech articles for Summit Racing and various magazines including Hot Rod, Car Craft, and Popular Hot Rodding, and edited Summit Racing’s Street & Strip magazine in the 1990s. His garage is currently occupied by a 1965 Ford Mustang.