(Image/Trick Flow Specialties)

Building a high power, big cube carbureted Small Block Chevy V8 that’ll spin up to 7,500 rpm?

Well, the folks at Trick Flow Specialties have been hard at work, creating a high-flowing intake manifold to top it off.

The Trick Flow R-Series Intake Manifold for the Small Block Chevrolet is a single plane aluminum manifold intended for large displacement SBC engines with an operating range in the 3,500 to 7,500+ rpm ballpark. Its runner design has been computer-optimized to promote excellent flow and balanced air/fuel distribution well into the upper reaches of your engine’s powerband. And the raised plenum and open air layout help reduce heat for even better airflow and performance.

The manifold’s got a standard 4150-style mounting flange, and a 6.25 inch overall height. (Image/Trick Flow Specialties)

While this aluminum manifold was optimized specifically for its Super 23 230 Cylinder Heads, Trick Flow says this manifold will work well with pretty much any cylinder head with 220cc (or larger) ports.

Though the overall design had weight savings in mind, Trick Flow left extra material in strategic areas for port matching. The manifold also has integral bosses cast into each runner if you want to drill and tap ports for nitrous nozzles.

(Image/Trick Flow Specialties)