(Image/Davies Craig)

While retrofitting an electric water pump is a time-tested way to relieve stress from your accessory drive system and free up some horsepower, Davies Craig takes that approach and cranks it to 11 with its Electric Water Pump & Fan Controller Combos.

For starters, the combos include one of Davies Craig’s dang-near-bulletproof electric water pumps, which can deliver enhanced cooling, faster vehicle warm up, and more precise temperature management.

And that temperature management gets even better when you toss in the Fan & Water Pump Controller. As the name implies, you connect the controller to your fan and water pump, along with a temperature sensor, and it will monitor your engine temperature and control your fan and water pump accordingly. And you can watch it all happen in real-time on the controller’s intuitive LCD screen.

The combo includes the fittings, sensor, wiring harness, and mounting bracket. Davies Craig doesn’t include an electric fan, but you can find them here. (Image/Davies Craig)

There are other handy features as well. For instance, you can set triggered alerts or configure your water pump to run after the engine has shut off to mitigate heat soak. Installation is pretty straightforward. In fact, Davies Craig made this handy video that’ll walk you though it: