You simply adjust the transmission location by sliding the mount along the adjusting channel. (Image/Summit Racing)

No driveline conversion is ever a cut and dry affair. In fact, many transmission swaps are often stymied by a few measly inches. Yet given how important the proper fitment is when talking about your transmission and engine location, along with driveshaft/pinion angles, those few measly inches can be a big, big deal.

That’s why the folks at Summit Racing came up with some Adjustable Transmission Mounts that give you up to 2.5 inches of adjustability to help ensure everything lines up nice and neat.

The mounts also include the appropriate hardware needed for installation. (Image/Summit Racing)

Right now Summit Racing offers a pair of these handy adjustable transmission mounts.

  • There’s an option for GM owners (PN SUM-773200) that features the basic two-bolt style transmission mounting setup. That means it’s compatible with plenty of popular GM and aftermarket transmissions, including the TH350/400, Powerglide, 4L80E, 200-R4, Borg Warner T-10, Muncie, and Tremec T-56 and TKO 500/600.
  • Then there’s one for 1979-98 Ford Mustang owners (PN SUM-770596) that have a transmission crossmember that accepts a dual stud pattern with a 2-1/4 inch center spacing.

Both options are made from sturdy, 3/16 inch thick steel. And they’re powdercoated for excellent corrosion resistance too.

All told, these Summit Racing Adjustable Transmission Mounts can save you a ton of installation hassle, whether you’re doing a transmission upgrade or retrofit, a complete engine/driveline swap, or a one-off custom build.