(Image/Pac Racing Springs’ YouTube Channel)

For as important as they are, there can be some confusion when it’s time to choose the right valve springs for an engine. That’s probably because there are so many vital specs to consider. Valve lift, engine rpm, cup size, installed height, coil bind—it’s all important and you need to assess everything before picking the best valve springs.

This video from the valve spring experts at PAC Racing Springs goes deep into those critical technical specs, and talks in detail about the science behind valve spring operation. It describes what information you need to know (and what their tech team needs to know) in order to narrow down your valve spring choices.

Perhaps more importantly, this video gives you a “big picture” idea of what’s going on in your valvetrain, to help you understand the role other valve spring components, like locks, dampers, and retainers, play in your engine’s performance.

At over ten minutes long, it doesn’t skimp on the details either. If you’re an engine builder, consider this one a must-watch video: