(Image/OEM Tools)

OK, show of hands, who uses a broomstick, table leg, trombone, bowling trophy, or some other makeshift setup to keep your hood (or liftgate) from crashing down on your noggin’?

No shame, we’ve all done it.

Problem is, that probably isn’t the best method—for you or your vehicle.

But good news: A better solution isn’t that expensive. Take this handy Telescopic Hood Support from OEM Tools for instance.

(Image/OEM Tools)

The hood prop rod is adjustable from 21 to 48 inches and a simple twist of the shaft locks it securely in place. OEM Tools also gave this hood prop a pair of nice grippy rubber feet to ensure it stays put without harming the vehicle’s finish.

And it’s made from aluminum, so it’s plenty stout enough to handle most typical hoods, and even some rear liftgates, hatches, and windows.

All in all, a purpose-made hood prop rod can be cheap insurance against a painful accident. And that’s especially true if you spend a lot of time under your hood or like to show off your engine bay at car shows.

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