In the last episode of its Project S71 overlanding build, the Summit Racing team upgraded the Silverado’s suspension while bolting on an off-road wheel and tire package. Now, it’s time to give the truck a bit more grunt.

Click here to see all the installments in the Project S71 build series.

Starting under the Silverado’s hood, the 5.3 liter EcoTec V8 gets an air intake system to help improve combustion. Then, the guys bolt-on a cat-back exhaust system to help the truck’s giddyup—while giving it a nice, deep exhaust note in the process. Here are the kits used in this episode.

Want to upgrade your Chevy Silverado like this? Start your research with a visit to the official Project S71 Chevy Silverado Page at In the meantime, watch the video above to see the installs as the Silverado continues its transformation into a serious overlanding expedition rig.

Watch the video above to hear a few sound clips of the Silverado’s new Corsa exhaust. (Image/Summit Racing)
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