“Race more…and don’t break it.” — Brandon H. (Image/Facebook)

…And just like that, a new year is upon us. Last year we made some of our own New Year’s Resolutions, but this time (with help from Summit Racing’s Facebook and Instagram pages), we got to hear about your plans for 2022.

As expected, the responses ranged from simple maintenance to complete drivetrain swaps. And you shared plenty of photos too, which helped us turn this post into a photo gallery.

See some of our favorite reader contributions below, and feel free to add any of your resolutions in the comments section at the bottom of this story.


What is Your Automotive New Year’s Resolution for 2022?


“Have it in paint this year, then the tuning will begin.” — Jeff T. (Image/Facebook)
“Pull the e85 434 and go back to the pump gas 408.” — Sean H. (Image/Facebook)
“Finish my C-10 and enjoy it along with driving, drag racing all my other cars.” — Ray T. (Image/Facebook)
“Get the old girl painted.” — Chad R. (Image/Facebook)
“Hoping to get it drivable.” — Shawn G. (Image/Facebook)
“Just drive it more.” — William H. (Image/Facebook)
Suspension and brake upgrade, paint correction and get her ceramic coated.” — Matt G. (Image/Facebook)
“Doing more cruises in my 1965 C10.” — Jim S. (Image/Facebook)
“Get the Duster painted.” — Paul B. (Image/Facebook)
“Get these (and a Spirit) ready for Great AMC Day 2022 at Edgewater Sports Park.” — Alan S. (Image/Facebook)
“Continue building this.” — Jan F. (Image/Facebook)
“I’d like to keep the front end down a little more often” — Nathan H. (Image/Facebook)
“Get back to the track and do the best I can…my first year back in at least 15 years.” — Jeremy T. (Image/Facebook)
“Have my ’65 painted.” — Dan M. (Image/Facebook)
“Get my LS finished, in the car, and moving under its own power.” — Kenneth H. (Image/Facebook)
“Finish the 496 Stroker to replace the 454 in my 1950 Chevy.” — Paul W. (Image/Facebook)
“Put a T5 transmission in the roadster and get it back on the road.” — Terry H. (Image/Facebook)