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5 Automotive Resolutions We’re Making in the New Year

While closing the book on last year might have been easy for a lot of us, we’re simultaneously presented with the first chapter of the new one. So we’ve come up with some very specific automotive-related New Year’s resolutions to start this year on the right foot. Take a look and let us know some of the things you’ll be working on this year in the comments section below.


5.) Reading More

Unlike a smartphone, books don’t eat batteries or short-out when you drop them in your cereal. Way better at propping-up a leaning shelf too. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

And by reading, we don’t mean scrolling through a social media feed on our phone. We’re talking real, bonafide books—with paper in them and everything. And there are tons of literary options for the gearhead, from basic how-to manuals to coffee table books.


4.) Keeping Clean

Kind of like a groundhog, our cleaning supplies tend to only appear in the spring. But not this year. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

Every year it’s the same thing: do an intense two-day detail job in the spring and, by August, our muffler tips look like they’ve been sitting at the bottom of Lake Erie for a decade. Not this year. We’re doing routine car washes to keep our fleet clean, protect them from corrosion, and help us spot finish problems before they get worse.


3.) Fixing Recurring CELs

Tired of seeing that check engine light? Yeah, we are too. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

From a loose gas cap triggering an EVAP sensor to a wonky ignition coil causing a random misfire, many of us have acquiesced to using a scan tool to clear a recurring check engine light (CEL), instead of fixing the underlying issue. Even if it only pops up every few months, we vow to stop that CEL for good this year.


2.) Staying Organized

Quick! Spot the 10mm deep well socket. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

Any astrophysicist will tell you that our universe is doomed to entropy. But that doesn’t mean it has to start in our garage. We’re finally putting things back in their proper place and devising clever storage solutions for the tools that don’t have their “forever home” yet.


1.) Finishing Projects

Look kids! It’s the world’s biggest paperweight. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

Ever lose momentum on a project? Let’s say, hypothetically, you have a 50-year-old motorcycle that you swore to your wife you’d get running within a week, only to have it turn into a months-long saga thanks to a mysterious valve issue. Well, we’re going to finish it in this year. Hypothetically speaking, of course.


So, what are your plans for this year? We’d love to hear your suggestions below.



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