The vehicle lift was a popular contribution. Nik S. submitted this photo of his garage and a wicked-awesome Chevy II. (Image/Facebook)

A few days ago, our pals over at Summit Racing asked a simple question on the Summit Racing Facebook page:

What Tool Are You Most Thankful to Have in Your Shop?

And the responses they got ranged from heartfelt to hilarious. We collected some of our favorite reader contributions below and you can see all the response here.

If you’ve got any more you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this article.


  • 10mm socket – Dennis J.
  • “Drill press & vise” – George T.
  • “Telescoping magnet” – Jim P.
  • “Welder” – Tim M.
  • “Sledgehammer” – Terry H.
Foam organizers let you know immediately if a tool is missing. – Hank C. (Image/Facebook)
  • Ball joint press” – Clint F.
  • Cordless impact” – John M.
  • “The mini-fridge” – Steven O.
  • “Air compressor” – Mike L.
  • “Torch” – Danny D.
My extendable ratchet. I don’t know what I’d do without this thing! – Patrick M. (Image/Facebook)
  • “Bottle opener” – Tony F.
  • “Breaker bar” – Larry K.
  • “Propane heater” – Ron H.
  • “Cordless grinder” – John L.
  • “Light” – Randy T.
I finally made the last payment on these guys. – Stephen E. (Image/Facebook)
  • “The internet” – Allan M.
  • “Vacuum” – Mike K.
  • “Are duct tape & bungee cords tools?” – Scott J.
  • “Big hammer” – Nick M.
  • “All of them” – David M.
Air conditioning, hands down. – Jake M. (Image/Facebook)

And we’ve saved the most eloquent response for last:

“The garage itself. A harbor from the cold and wind. A protector for my old vehicles. A place for tools. A place in past times. A place in current times. A sanctuary for all that need a place to be alone”

John F.

Longfellow couldn’t have said it any better.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving OnAllCylinders readers!