Those hubcaps tho… (Image/Ford)

In case you haven’t noticed, Electric. Driveline. Retrofits. are becoming more and more common.

Case in point: this tasty 1978 Ford F-100.

Underneath the hood isn’t a 302, 351, or heck, even the venerable 300 I6.


Nope, the F-100 is powered by a pair of electric motors fore and aft, plucked fresh from Ford’s e-crate motor program. Dubbed the “Eluminator,” each of these e-crate motors produces 281 horsepower and 317 lb.-ft. of torque.

Working together in the F-100, these motors combine for a whopping 480 horsepower and 634 lb.-ft. of torque.

But we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet…

The Eluminator e-crate motor is completely street legal and you can order one right now!


Ford says the Eluminator e-crate motor is a good fit for folks who need a transverse-oriented powertrain to motivate an electric vehicle.

And while the interesting route is to stuff the Eluminator in, say, a wicked cool old Edsel or Fairlane, Ford hints that there are possible commercial and industrial applications too.

Here’s what the Ford Performance Eluminator electric crate motor looks like by itself. (Image/Ford)

OK, but Back to the Truck

Starting with a 1978 F-100 Custom, the Ford got a complete electric powertrain conversion and is now all-wheel drive, thanks to those two aforementioned Eluminator motors. That electric driveline shares a lot of parts with the 2021 Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition too, so we’re guessing it’s got plenty of giddyap.


The bed and cab sit on a Roadster Shop chassis, and the whole thing rides on custom 19 inch Forgeline wheels wrapped in Michelin Latitude high-performance tires.

That delightful paint? It’s called Avalanche Gray and features Cerakote Copper accents. Inside is a billet aluminum dash and leather interior.


Ford’s EV Conversion Catalog

Ford also stresses that this Eluminator e-crate motor is just the beginning, and its lineup of EV-focused parts and accessories is poised to expand with stuff like battery systems, controllers, and traction inverters. It seems like Ford wants to be a go-to source for full turnkey aftermarket electrification solutions.

So if this F-100 is any indication, EV conversions are going to get pretty interesting in the near future.


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