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Confirmed: There Will be a Ford Bronco Raptor Coming in 2022

The center light array in the grille is definitely a Raptor calling card. (Image/Ford’s YouTube Channel)

In a move that will surprise absolutely nobody, Ford just officially revealed plans for a Raptor version of the company’s reborn Bronco off-roader.

We joke that the news is not unexpected simply because there have been plenty of Raptor rumors swirling since the initial Ford Bronco launch. For starters, Ford’s already announced that it’s making a Ranger Raptor to complement the full size F-150 Raptor, setting the precedent for further expansion of the Raptor line. And with the Wrangler 392 prowling the streets, you can bet Ford wants to counter-punch with its own performance-focused SUV.

More importantly, there have been several spy shots of a hopped-up Bronco galloping around—presumably a test mule for the various Raptor-spec performance upgrades.

Speaking of performance upgrades, we don’t know much. The official press release from Ford didn’t include (m)any details. But those spy shots we alluded to earlier have given us some hints though, particularly when the test mule was spotted running the same Fox Racing live valve shocks and 37-inch tires as its bigger brother, the F-150 Raptor.

So, when can we expect to see the Bronco Raptor in dealerships? The official release from Ford simply says sometime in 2022. Meanwhile, you’ll have to make do with this teaser clip:

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  1. throttler sixnine says:

    wow cant wait for this

  2. throttler sixnine says:

    this is gonna be awesome

  3. Davis Jaime says:

    This 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor is rumored to have 2 equipment versions and 2 engine options. So, is this Ford Bronco Raptor 2022 worthy of a Jeep Wrangler rival?

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