Save yourself some frustration (and money!) with these helpful tips from KBS. (Image/KBS Coatings’ YouTube Channel)

How often have you opened an old paint can (ordinary household paint or a specialty automotive coating), only to discover that it’s dried out and ruined due to improper storage. Well, the problem might be that you’re opening your cans wrong, which can make it difficult for the can to seal properly for storage later.

Not only does ruined paint result in an aggravating trip to the hardware store or automotive parts website, it wastes a lot of money—especially when you’re talking about high quality automotive finishes and coatings.

That’s why you should watch this video from the can crew over at KBS Coatings. It’s packed with handy paint can opening and storage tips, like:

  • How to Properly Open a Paint Can
  • How to Open a Stuck Lid
  • Where to Relocate Paint from a Damaged Can
  • How to Safely Store Paint

It’s just a three-minute video, and considering how much hassle and money it could save you, it’s well worth a watch. Check it out:

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