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Our Top 10 Favorite Automotive Green Paint Colors

Perhaps no other color is as nuanced as the humble shade of green. From eyeball-searing fluorescents to earthy flats, green occupies an astoundingly large palette in the automotive world. So […]


Mailbag: What’s the Best Way to Clean & Store Spray Paint Cans for Next Use?

Q. I have a lot of old, used spray paint cans on the shelf in my garage. And it seems like every time I grab one to paint with, it’s […]

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Video: How to Properly Open a Paint Can (& More Paint Storage Tips You Need to Know!)

How often have you opened an old paint can (ordinary household paint or a specialty automotive coating), only to discover that it’s dried out and ruined due to improper storage. […]

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Paint & Body Tech: What Type of Body Filler Should You Use?

Application of body filler is a vital step in the automotive body work process if you want a successful paint job. When used properly, it can help conceal minor body […]

Using a Polisher on Automotive Paint
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Video: How to Use a Polisher to Detail Your Car

Detailing your ride? Using a polisher is a great way to save time as well as prevent arm and hand fatigue. Provided you do it right, of course. The detailing experts […]

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Quick Tech: 6 Most Common Questions About Auto-Air Colors Candy-Pearl Paint

Water-based paints are no longer new; yet, many DIY automotive painters still shy away from it. That hasn’t stopped Auto Air Colors from going all-in on water-based paints. A top […]

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7 Common Paint Mistakes—and How to Avoid (or Fix) Them!

Some people have no qualms about tearing into an engine. Others can practically rebuild a transmission in their sleep. Yet, many of these same people are intimidated by doing their own paint job. […]

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Mailbag: Tips for Spraying Metal Flake Paint

We’ve got the answers— the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week, we’re sharing a few tips for spraying metal flakes. F.B. Bloomington, IL Q: I am planning on adding […]

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Quick Tech: A Basic Guide to Engine Paint

It takes a special kind of paint to survive under your hood. Engine paint must withstand extremely high temperatures and be able to resist gasoline, oils, and other chemicals. And it has […]

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How to Spray Auto Air Colors Water-Based Paint

If you’ve been a reader Custom Classic Trucks magazine, this 1986 Dodge Ram D-150 might look familiar. Known as the “High School Custom,” it was featured in a series of […]