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Video: How to Properly Open a Paint Can (& More Paint Storage Tips You Need to Know!)

How often have you opened an old paint can (ordinary household paint or a specialty automotive coating), only to discover that it’s dried out and ruined due to improper storage. […]

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Quick Tech: 6 Most Common Questions About Auto-Air Colors Candy-Pearl Paint

Water-based paints are no longer new; yet, many DIY automotive painters still shy away from it. That hasn’t stopped Auto Air Colors from going all-in on water-based paints. A top […]

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Spray Painting 101: How to Improve Your Spray-Painting Technique

“Painting is not magic,” said paint and body expert Kevin Tetz. “It’s not voodoo. It’s not a gift. It’s an acquired skill.” In the video below, you’ll find Tetz, creator of […]

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Color Scheme: The Top 10 Most Iconic Factory Paint Colors of All Time

Dodge announced earlier this week that is was offering its popular Plum Crazy purple as a color option for all of its Challenger and Charger trim packages. It got us to thinking […]

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7 Common Paint Mistakes—and How to Avoid (or Fix) Them!

Some people have no qualms about tearing into an engine. Others can practically rebuild a transmission in their sleep. Yet, many of these same people are intimidated by doing their own paint job. […]

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Budget Makeover: VHT’s 1972 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus

Restoring a classic muscle car can get expensive. The key to keeping costs down is finding a project that’s in good running condition. If you’re fortunate enough to find a mainly […]

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The Low VOC Lowdown: The DIYer’s Guide to Low VOC Automotive Paint

What’s the latest trend in automotive paint? Green. Not the color green, necessarily. We’re talking “green” as in environmentally friendly automotive paints. These are paints that meet environmental regulations for […]

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Automotive Paint Guide (Part 6): Paint Safety and Cleanup

In this final installment of Summit Racing‘s automotive paint video series, you will hear a few important paint safety and clean-up tips that will help you wrap up your painting […]

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Automotive Paint Guide (Part 5): Choosing the Right Automotive Basecoat

Solvent-based or water-based paint? Single-stage or two-stage? Lacquer, enamel, or urethane paint? Unsure of how much paint and primer you actually need to buy? Use this Paint Volume Guide from […]

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Automotive Paint Guide (Part 1): Paint Supply Essentials You Need for a DIY Paint Job

EDITOR’S NOTE: We have decreed April as “paint month” here at OnAllCylinders. As such, we’ve worked with the folks at Summit Racing to create a series of video guides for DIY automotive […]