Restoring a classic muscle car can get expensive.

The key to keeping costs down is finding a project that’s in good running condition. If you’re fortunate enough to find a mainly solid, mechanically sound vehicle, you can focus your attention on the cosmetic upgrades—exterior paint, engine bay detailing, and interior conditioning. And with companies like VHT offering affordable options, these upgrades can be relatively inexpensive.

All it takes is a little know-how.

VHT recently restored a 1972 Plymouth Satellite using only VHT and Dupli-Color products. The Satellite was in good running condition, but its paint was highly oxidized and the interior was worn. According to VHT, the purpose of the project was to demonstrate the affordability of its paint and detaling lines. The company also created a series of videos to show how to properly use and apply its paints, coatings, and dyes.

Check out the video below for the complete story of the project, then click on the link below the video to see more in-depth videos about each product. Whether you’re looking to do a complete restoration job or just a couple individual projects (wheel restoration, engine detailing, etc.), VHT says you can get quality results on a budget.

How-To Application Videos

Parts List

VHT FlameProof Coatings (Intake Manifold)
VHT Vinyl Dye (Seats, Dashboard, Door Panels, Carpet, and Roof)
VHT Caliper Paint (Brake Calipers)
VHT Wheel Paint (Wheels)
VHT Epoxy Paint (Upper Control Arms
VHT Engine Enamel (Engine)
Dupli-Color Paint Shop Paint


Author: David Fuller

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