Check out the quick demo video below and you’ll see how easy it is to fix your car or truck’s windshield glass with this kit from Loctite. (Image/Loctite’s YouTube Channel)

If you rack up enough miles, windshield chips are an inevitability. Even if you just take a short cruise to the auto parts store, a random cement truck can quickly send a rock careering towards your car or truck’s front glass.

The good news? As long as the glass chip isn’t too big, there’s a solid chance you can repair it at home without a lot of fuss. Better yet, it won’t cost a whole lot either.

All thanks to Loctite and its Windshield Repair Kit.

Not only can this kit make an annoying windshield chip, scratch, or bullseye less obvious, it’ll also strengthen the impact point to keep the crack or chip from getting worse.

The kit includes a single syringe that adheres to your windshield so you can force the compound into the crack or chip. See it in action in the video at the bottom of this article. (Image/Summit Racing)

Since it’s just a single component in one syringe, it’s really easy to apply. And the best part is, on repairs done outside during a warm day, the compound completely cures in as little as 30 minutes (and it’s even faster if you use UV light).

So if your windshield’s got a relatively small chip, crack, or bullseye, there’s a good chance this handy kit can make it pretty much go away—watch the video below to see how Loctite’s windshield repair kit works.

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