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Video: Understanding Some Types of Liquid Gasket Makers & Common Use Cases

It’s probably no surprise to you that gaskets come in all different shapes, sizes, and construction—from copper header gaskets to rubber O-rings to the trusty old cork gasket for your […]

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Video: Understanding Why Bolts and Nuts Work Themselves Loose (And How to Prevent It)

A little while ago, we ran a story on fastener thread repair, which got us thinking about the role of the humble threaded fastener. Want to really get into the […]

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Parts Bin: Loctite’s Windshield Repair Kit Lets You Easily Fix Chipped Vehicle Glass at Home (& On the Cheap!)

If you rack up enough miles, windshield chips are an inevitability. Even if you just take a short cruise to the auto parts store, a random cement truck can quickly […]