(Image/Loctite North America’s YouTube Channel)

A little while ago, we ran a story on fastener thread repair, which got us thinking about the role of the humble threaded fastener.

Want to really get into the weeds on the topic of automotive fasteners? Read this: Aww Nuts! (And Bolts. And Studs.) – Understanding Engine Fastener Types & Materials

While that article focused a lot on the negative effects of joining two dissimilar metals (seizing), there are plenty of other factors to consider when thinking about the threads on your nuts and bolts.

To that end, we found this good video from the thread-heads at Loctite that’ll go into a bit more detail on the importance of properly installing and securing your fasteners. It’ll highlight some common problems associated with improperly installed nuts and bolts—and how to prevent them.

At just over a minute long, it’s a quick watch and could prevent a ton of frustration. Check it out:

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