Adam west era batmobile on display
It’s not a car show until a Barris Batmobile shows up. (Image/OnAllCylinders – Lori Sams)

When George Barris passed away in 2015, the hot rod community was left wondering how long his legendary Los Angeles, California-based “Barris Kustom Industries” shop would soldier on. Turns out, we may know the answer soon.

Barris, the famous car customizer behind so many iconic Movie/TV rides and jaw-dropping hot rods, maintained his shop on a large lot in North Hollywood. So it’s perhaps no surprise that, with today’s red-hot real estate market, a legion of investors were aggressively eyeing the property for redevelopment.

And now it’s officially for sale.

munsters coach from the tv show at Atlanta motorama
The Munster Coach is another one of Barris’ most oft-remembered hot rods. (Image/Brian Kreuser)

While there’s no word yet on any money changing hands, interest in the property appears to be high, with numerous offers coming in well before it was even listed.

For gearheads mourning the loss of these hallowed grounds, this may soften the blow: According to this article in the L.A. Times, the priceless automotive memorabilia inside the shop is being well cared for by the Barris family. If/when the property sells, they plan to carefully relocate the collection to another L.A. location where it will be preserved and displayed to the public.

The property comes with a shop, showroom, and spray booth.

Interested in purchasing this coveted piece of automotive history? It could all be yours for a cool $3.995 million.