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George Barris’ California-Based Custom Car & Hot Rod Shop Is Officially for Sale

When George Barris passed away in 2015, the hot rod community was left wondering how long his legendary Los Angeles, California-based “Barris Kustom Industries” shop would soldier on. Turns out, […]

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No More Batmobile Replicas, Judge Says!

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has come to the defense of Batman. According to a three-judge panel, the Batmobile is entitled to copyright protection and cannot be replicated […]

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Holy Horsepower, Batman…Six Batmobiles in One Place!

Six Batmobiles and the Bat-Pod are currently finishing up a tour of sporting events across America to mark the upcoming home entertainment release of The Dark Knight Rises on December 4. […]

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Our Top 10 TV Cars of All Time

Labor Day weekend is here, and the new TV season is right around the corner. Brace yourselves for yet another avalanche of reality TV shows and dancing competitions. Know what […]

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The 5 Best Superhero Cars

Which superheroes have the best cars? It didn’t take long to realize the list is pretty short. Superman flies magic-style. Wonder Woman rocks an invisible jet. Thor gets pulled around […]

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Our 10 Favorite Movie Cars—Ever

A countless number of incredible cars have graced the silver screen. It’s impossible to recall from memory just how many great ones there have been, and even more impossible to […]