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Parts Bin: AC Delco’s Torque Adapter Turns Any 1/2-Drive Ratchet Into a Torque Wrench

Toss a Digital Torque Adapter in your toolbox, and you’ll always have a torque wrench handy. (Image/ACDelco)

Torque specs exist for a reason.

And as much as we hate to admit it, our forearms aren’t the precision-tuned instruments we’d like them to be, which means that we really should be using some sort of torque wrench to ensure our fasteners are snugged-in properly.

Problem is, a lot of us can’t spare the toolbox space (or budget) for a fancy, precision digital torque wrench. Which is why ACDelco’s handy Digital Torque Adapter caught our attention.

Just slightly larger than a golf ball, the Torque Adapter has a male 1/2-drive socket on one end and a female drive on the other. You simply slip it in between your ratchet and socket, and whammy, it’s now a precision torque wrench.

It’s got a 25 to 250 ft.-lbs. operating range and it’ll work in both directions (clockwise and counter-clockwise). While the LCD displays the exerted torque in real-time, a buzzer will sound when you’ve hit your pre-set torque spec.

It’s powered by a pair of CR2032 batteries and has a helpful auto-off feature to conserve battery life.

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  1. The Summit ad for this AC product says the torque range is 25-250 ft. pds. The article says the range is 4-147.6 ft. lbs. Which is correct?

    • Hey Bob–good catch. We mistakenly pulled the spec from the ACDelco PDF for part number ARM602-4, but the part on is ARM602-4A. We’ve updated it in the copy. Thanks for the the heads up!

  2. “CR20232 batteries”, I think someone got a little happy on the 2 key. CR 2023 or 2032 would be more likely.

  3. edvaldo aprigio says:

    bom dia

    gostaria de um equipamento adaptador de torque digital na faixa de 0 a 35 pés-lbs.

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