Here, a Warn Drill Winch is being used with a pulley system to increase its mechanical advantage. (Image/Warn)

You don’t always need a winch that’s powerful enough to drag a M1 Abrams tank.

From pulling timber to getting a mower into a truck bed, there are hundreds of practical applications for a small, portable winch, and Warn’s compact drill-powered winches can handle plenty of them—a lot faster and easier than a come-along, too.

For starters, they’re made by Warn, a company that’s got a well-deserved reputation for building winches with anvil-like reliability. Secondly, they’ve got a 750-pound pull rating. That’s easily enough for ride-on mowers, ATVs, tractors, and other light duty vehicles. And you can use snatch blocks for even more pulling power.

Thanks to the mechanical amplification of gear reduction, all these winches need for power is a handheld cordless electric drill. Simply secure the short end of the drill winch to a stationary point, chuck the winch’s input shaft in the head of the drill, and you’re ready to pull.

That setup makes the winch really compact—and more importantly, very portable.

Warn’s drill winches come with 40 feet of either synthetic rope or steel cable (with included clevis hooks), and boast an integrated fairlead.

Want to see these drill winches in action? Check out this video from Warn.

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