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Parts Bin: ShopSol Mechanic’s Creeper Seats Are So Comfy, You May Start Sleeping in Your Garage

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Spend a lot of time under your car or truck? Then, your neck and back probably just started hurting at the thought, didn’t they?

That’s why you’ll be particularly interested in the mechanic’s creeper seats from ShopSol.

These aren’t regular run-of-the-mill creepers, either—they’re adjustable, padded, darn-near-couchlike ways to make working on your vehicles a whole lot more enjoyable.

Take ShopSol’s 3-Way Adjustable Mechanic’s Creeper for instance. You can position the headrest right where you need it for under-vehicle repairs, while its big honkin’ casters help it roll over debris with ease. And it’s got a handy built-in storage bin to keep small tools and parts close by.

Then there’s ShopSol’s 5-Way Adjustable Mechanic’s Creeper. Not only does it have an integrated back riser and an extra-wide bed, you can make ergonomic adjustments while you’re laying on it.

ShopSol even has a Detailing Creeper Seat that’ll hold your cleaning supplies and make it really easy to spend hours cleaning wheels, rockers, bumpers, and trim.

And when it’s time to work inside your ride, give your back a (non-literal) break with a ShopSol Interior Car Creeper seat that’ll make short work of upholstery repairs or stereo installs.

So instead of dreading your next bit of car care maintenance, look forward to laying on a ShopSol creeper.

…Just don’t forget your teddy bear.

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