Handy and versatile, these thread repair tools from NES can save you a lot of frustration, And time. And money. (Image/Summit Racing)

A few years ago, we ran a tech article about removing stubborn bolts.

Sometimes though, bolts or nuts simply won’t budge–and you’re doomed to cut or chisel them off (often doing catastrophic damage to the bolt or nut in the process).

And even the ones that do magically come out after an epic struggle often leave a trail of scarred threads in their wake.

That’s why we’re big fans of NES Thread Repair tools.

Way more advanced than simple thread chasers, these tools can repair and restore rusted or damaged threads—both externally (on a bolt) or internally (on a nut). Kits are available for both metric and SAE thread, coarse and fine pitch. NES Thread Tool even makes left- and right-handed thread repair models.

Pick your tool kit based on the type of thread you want to repair, then just insert the repair tool and turn the adjusting knob to fit it to the proper bolt/nut diameter. While that’s happening, the tool’s cutting blades automatically float into the thread slots, adapting to the correct pitch. All that’s left to do is to spin the tool like you would a tap or die to begin the repair. As the tool is turning, its cutting blades perfectly cut, clean, and clear the threads, leaving you with a bolt or nut that’s ready for many more years of service.

And since a single NES tool is so versatile, it can replace dozens of taps and dies—saving you both money and shop space.

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