One of GM’s keynote speeches at CES was delivered against a backdrop of some previously-unrevealed electric vehicles. And we saw something…interesting. (Image/GMExhibitZero)

Fresh off the announcement of its new logo and marketing campaign, GM took its electrified message to the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

From that stage, The General unleashed a deluge of plans and details on its electric vehicle aspirations. You can see some of the GM Highlights from CES here.

But…amidst the talks of an electric future, we noticed something. When Michael Simcoe, GM Vice President of Global Design, delivered his keynote address, he did so against a backdrop of some previously-unreleased vehicles.

One in particular caught our eye.

Computer enhance!

A close-up of GM’s mystery machine in question. (Image/GMExhibitZero)

As Simcoe was talking, our eyes fixated on this silvery-grey phantom tucked behind his right shoulder. Its rough outline and running lights mimic a C8 Corvette, yet it’s clearly a larger vehicle—which immediately sends our brains spiraling down an automotive “what-if” rabbit hole.

While gossip has swirled about GM making an all-electric Corvette (and Chevy certainly hints at least a hybrid version in the near future), some of the more lofty rumors speak to an expanded Corvette lineup the includes four-door sedans and crossovers. A recent tear down of a Corvette C8 revealed that the Corvette’s front hubs were clearly made to accommodate axle shafts–which means engineers had alternate drivetrains in mind during its design.

Obviously this idea isn’t new. After all, Porsche is making sedans and SUVs now, and Ford’s new Mustang Mach-E sets the groundwork for expanding a nameplate. But how will Corvette purists react to, say, a Vette wagon or an electric crossover with cross-flags on the hood?

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, these are all still rumors. In fact, there’s also a likely chance that this electric mystery machine will come to showrooms as a Buick, given the brand’s presence in China and that country’s demand for EVs.

Perhaps we should cross our fingers for a Buick Grand Touring National instead?

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