With a pair of LED light bars and a set of bumper-mount off-road lights, Project Ram provides enough illumination to land a 747 at your campsite. (Image/Summit Racing)

What good is having a rugged off-road truck, if you can’t drive it at night? To make sure their Project Ram 1500 pickup is ready to tackle the twilight, the Summit Racing folks installed a pair of LED light bars and some slick bumper-mount off-road lights.

More importantly, check out the Trigger Accessory Control System they used to operate them all. The controller is completely wireless, which means they could install the switch panel without hacking up the dash or drilling holes in Project Ram’s firewall. And you can stuff the switch panel in your pocket and control your lights remotely.

What’s even cooler is the smartphone app, which lets you customize and control your off-road lights.

Learn about the off-road lights Summit Racing installed and see the Trigger system in action in Episode Four below. You can also click here for more details on Project Ram.