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How to Install a Roll-Up Tonneau or Truck Bed Cover (Video)

Tonneau covers are often among the first upgrades truck owners make to their vehicles–and with good reason. Not only do truck tonneau covers serve to protect your cargo and other […]

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Video: A 9-Step Installation Guide for DECKED Truck Bed Storage Systems

DECKED truck bed storage systems have become increasingly popular as a method of improving the utility of pickup trucks and vans. Equally useful for contractors storing tools and supplies as they […]

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Easy F-150 Makeover: Dressing up a 2009 Ford F-150 with Budget-Friendly Weekend Bolt-Ons

We bet you can’t drive five miles down the road without seeing a Ford F-150. Some of you probably can’t even step outside without bumping into a couple of them. It’s no wonder since the […]

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Afternoon Delight: How to Upgrade a 2012 GMC Sierra in an Afternoon (and for Under a Grand)!

The GMC Sierra is a great truck to grab on the cheap. There were a lot of engine options for the 2012 year, like the 4.3L Vortec V6, and V8s in […]

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How to Choose a Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

Tonneau covers—for us—are clearly the top truck accessory ever. You have many choices when it comes to choosing tonneau covers, as there are several different designs. All have their particular […]

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How to Choose a Running Board or Nerf Bar for Your Truck

  Much like hitches, running boards and nerf bars (and their little cousins—side steps) are among the most useful truck accessories available. But unlike hitches, they are used virtually 100 […]

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Hitch Guide: How to Choose a Truck Hitch and Accessories

They make towing possible. From a utility standpoint, they may be the most useful and important truck accessory available. Hitches. That all-important link connecting your truck and trailer. The hitch […]

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Quick Tech: Installing a Putco Hood Shield/Bug Deflector

Protecting your hood from bugs and debris has never been easier. In fact, this video from Summit Racing and Putco shows you just how easy it is to install a Putco […]


Trick Out Your Truck This Spring: 7 Great Accessories

Just the other day, some OnAllCylinders staff members were out to lunch. And that’s when a guy looking exactly like Eddie Murphy in Vampire in Brooklyn drove into the parking […]